ABC Inc. is an oil distributing company that supplies petrol and diesel to all the gas stations in the UK, run by it’s partner franchise. ABC Inc. supplies gas to more than 10,000 gas stations that have about 1000 customers each. Unfortunately ABC Inc. does not have any mechanism to market it’s new products to its end customers as they do not have their contact information.

ABC Inc. wants it’s partners to create a Lead when a customer comes in to fuel their vehicle. In order to make this process lucrative for the partners ABC Inc. will pay them 5% of the fuel payment made by their respective Lead in the first month of signing up.

The partner should be able to see a dashboard that will provide them a status of their Leads submitted and the Leads that got converted into successful Opportunities. The partner should be able to securely sign-in and be able to reset their password. A leaderboard tab should display the top 15 partners that are submitting Leads.

Savvy Scooter

Savvy Scooter Share (SSS) is a global company that provides scooter share programs where tourists and local residents in major metropolitan areas can rent motor scooters. SSS operates in major cities around the world including Madrid, Rome, Paris, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Miami, New York, LA, and San Francisco. Each city has 200 scooters available for rental at scooter depots spread across the city. Registered riders can reserve scooters in advance using an online app or browser on their mobile device. SSS is using a CRM platform to centralize its rider and dealer management activities and repair and maintenance processes.


Riders search for and select a scooter depot location, date, and enter a check-out time


The system should then calculate a rental cost estimate in real time using the Pricing Calculation System.


Riders then review the rental cost estimate and details of their rental, and confirm their reservation.


The system should generate a QR code that riders can use to unlock the scooter at a depot.

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