At bespoke community we build branded, lightning-fast Salesforce Communities that not only look and feel great but perform fast as well.

With one of our bespoke designed Salesforce Communities, you can perform better,

  • Partners
    • submitting Leads,
    • selling products,
  • Customers
    • logging support tickets,
    • booking reservations,
    • loading products to their cart,
    • paying online for products (Payment Gateway),
    • placing orders,
    • tracking order status and order history

alongside providing easy access to information aka articles and so much more.

We provide the following Services

Bespoke Front End Designing and Development (AWS)

We can build a customised application in AWS that will host your app and give access to all your customers and partners.

  • Requirement gathering session(s) for the Portal
  • Bespoke URL/Sub Domain
  • Set up of Salesforce for Customer/Partner Management
  • Salesforce Admin training on the new Customer/Partner setup in Salesforce

Bespoke Salesforce Customer/Partner Community Design and Development

Our cheetahs will help you engage your customers/partners to make sure you’re providing them with the best service around.

  • Lightning technology-based customer community
  • Expert Advice from our qualified Analysts
  • Design Workshop with wireframes
  • Custom logo, header image, fonts etc
  • Bespoke URL
  • User Profile Setup
  • Custom Email templates, suited to branding
  • Branded login, ‘forgot password’ and ‘change password’ pages

Managed Services for Salesforce

You’ll receive expert, ongoing support for your Salesforce org from a team of people who are dedicated to your vision. Here is how we do it.

  • Understanding goals – We pay you a visit to understand your business and how it is implemented.
  • Roadmap ahead – We set priorities and set a roadmap of tasks ahead.
  • Relationship forward – We agree to either a in-person or online support schedule.
  • The party begins – We start supporting you as per the agreed support schedule.
  • Monthly review – We get in touch with you with our suggestions for improvements.

Please get in touch, with us,
for a detailed quote for the above services.

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