Keep Files Private on Records

  • 16-01-2020
  • Author : Bespoke Community


Keep Files Private on Records


Previously, all files on the records were visible to everyone with the access to that record. But now it is under your control, you can choose who sees your file.
It is the new feature in Salesforce Lightning Experience is to control the visibility of a file when it is attached to a record. The field is known as ‘File Privacy on Records’.

Follow these simple steps to secure your files on the records:

  • Go to Page Layouts and select Content Version Page Layout.

  • Add the File Privacy on Records field to the Page Layout (Content Version Page Layout).

  • Select the option from File Privacy on Records list to control the visibility of your file.
A file owner can see the attachment, no matter the privacy setting. And, a file marked as Private in Lightning Experience is also Private in Salesforce Classic.