Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • 23-01-2020
  • Author : Bespoke Community
Salesforce Sales Cloud
The main objective of the Salesforce Sales Cloud is to enhance the capability of the sales team of the company and therefore increases the amount of sales. It empowers the sales team, so that they can concentrate on sales only and perform better.
The Sales Cloud CRM platform is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) for web access and  there is also a mobile app available. Sales Cloud is a totally customizable product that convert more leads, accelerate the productivity, close more deals, and understand the strength of your entire business.


Main Features of Sales Cloud -


Salesforce Sales Cloud provide the following features -

1. Contact Management - 
It provides you complete information about your customers, including communication history, key contacts and account discussions. 
2. Opportunity Management - 
It helps you to manage sales interaction and deals by streamlining the sales process.
3. Lead Management -
  It allows you to track a marketing campaign lead, assign leads to the right people, manage and track campaigns across all channels, including social media. 
4. Reports and Dashboards - 
shows a real-time view of the condition of your business by tracking lead volume, team performance, conversion rates, tasks within Salesforce which helps in closing deals faster from anywhere.
5. Email Integration -
Salesforce integration to Outlook or Gmail gives you a complete view of all your client interactions. With few clicks, you can create new cases, deals and more.
6. Sales Forecasting - 
It gives real-time view of your whole business which is helpful in taking action where necessary. It helps management to make decisions by providing rapid updates.
7. Workflow and Approvals -
 Automate your business process by using simple point and click interface. Create automatic email alerts, auto assign tasks, and simplify the approval process.
8. Files Sync and Share -
You can share and collaborate on files as a team, publish the information, and search for files faster.

Why Bespoke Community for Salesforce Sales Cloud?


Bespoke Community ensures that you get the most out of the Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation, whether you want to boost sales or improve productivity. Our team will bring stacks of Salesforce knowledge and technical expertise, becoming an extension of your business, focused purely on ensuring that you get the ROI you’re looking for from your Salesforce investment.